1.1 Object

WESPORTUS is a social network which has the role of connecting the professionals and the amateurs of the sport of the whole world in order to improve their performance and to facilitate their sporting success. Our services are conceived with an aim of promoting our the sporting but also economic member appropriateness while allowing them like million other sportsmen and technicians of the sport, of meeting, of exchanging ideas,competences, know-how, events, of learning and of seeking opportunities or athletes,professionals of the sport, a professional team amateur or, a sporting club and of making decisions within the framework of a network of trust relationships.

1.2. Agreement

You agree that by clicking on “Register Now” “Register with WESPORTUS, “Register” or any other similar button, that by registering you, while reaching or by using our services, you are entering into an agreement having force(even if you use our services on behalf of a company).

This “Agreement”, as amended by WESPORTUS if necessary, understands these conditions of use (Hereinafter “Conditions”). If you do not agree the Conditions of this Agreement, do not click on“Register” (or similar) and refrain from reaching our services and using them.
The users of our registered services are the “members” and the independent users are the“visitors”. This applies to both two.

2.1. Right to the Service

In order to use the services, you accept the following Conditions: (I) you have the “minimum age” (defined below) or more; (II) you hold one account WESPORTUS, which must be with your real name; and (III) WESPORTUS did not prohibit the use of its services to you.

When you create an account for any of our services, you must provide us exact and accurate information, requested during the account creation and the registration process, and you must keep them up to date. Otherwise, some of our services can not function properly, and we may not be able to contact you to give you to give you important messages.

“Minimum age” means (I) 18 years old for the People’s Republic of China, (II) 16 years old for the Netherlands, (III) 14 years old for the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia and South Korea, and (d) 13 years old for all the other countries. However, in the event that the law would require that you be older than indicated so that WESPORTUS provides you the services legally (including the collection, the storage and the use of your data), the minimum age would be then that stipulated by the law. The services are in no way intended for anyone under 13 years.

Management for minor under the age of 13.

It is possible for a parent to create an account on behalf of his/her child of less than 13 years, through our parental consent process. No registration of a minor not sponsored by the account of at least one of his/her parents or legal guardian, will be accepted by the team of WESPORTUS. This parent is fully responsible for the management of the account of his/her child and will be responsible in front of justice for any abuse punishable by the law. The Team of WESPORTUS, as part of a greater control of  these accounts reserves the right to terminate without delay nor notification the account of the people whose activity will be considered questionable and contrary to the spirit of the site.

For the most serious cases, team WESPORTUS commits itself announcing to the competent jurisdictions the abuses noted on our site to see to engage of the proceedings legal against all people devoting itself to illegal activities or criminal on our site or by using our applications.

2.2. Your membership

However, with regard to the relations between you and others, your account belongs to you.You agree to (I) select a strong and secure password; (II) protect the confidentiality of your password; (III) not to transfer portions of your account (such as relationships, groups) and (iv) comply yourself with the law and the rules described in the article“Do’s and Don’ts” below. You are responsible for any use of your account unless you close it or you report abuse.

If you create an account, you are responsible for the maintenance of the confidentiality of all actions that take place during the use of your account, and you must immediately notify our Service of assistance in the event of suspicion, loss or access unauthorized, known or suspected, your account or your password. We decline any liability for any loss caused by unauthorized use of your username and password, with or without your knowledge.

2.3. Messages of notifications and the service

You agree that we communicate to you notifications by the following means: (i) a notification banner on the service, or (ii) e-mail sent to the address you provided,or (iii) other means including your mobile phone number,phone or mail. You agree to update your contact information.
Please consult your WESPORTUS preferences to control and limit the types of messages you receive from us.

2.4. Messages and shares

Our services allow you to send messages and to share information in multiple ways including through your profiles, slides sets, links to newspapers articles, ads, and blogs. The information and content that you share or publish can be seen by other members and visitors, if the information is public. When you have the ability to control your preferences, we respect your choices for the visibility of your content and your information (for example, share within the framework of a group instead of your network, change the default public preferences, the content to benefit from a more limited visibility, limit the visibility of your profile, give recommendations or follow a group). We have no obligation to publish information or content on our service.We may remove any information or content in our sole discretion, with or without notice.

3.1. Your licensing to WESPORTUS

For purposes of the present Conditions, (i) the term “Content” indicates any creative expression and includes, without limiting itself to it, the video and audio elements,photographs, images, illustrations, animations,logos, tools, texts, ideas, communications,answers, “likes”, comments, information, data of any nature, software, scripts, files achievable, graphic elements, geographical cards, routes, data, meetings of exercise and data of exercise, training programs, sleep, annotations, information nutritional, interactive receipts, functions, drawings, copyrights, brand names, patents, sounds, applications and intellectual property on those, which can be generated, provided or differently placed at the disposal on or via the services; (ii) the term “User Generated Content” means any Content that an athlete (including you !) or a coach submits, transfer or otherwise provide on or through the services. The Content includes, without limitation, any Content generated by the user; and (iii) the term “WESPORTUS” indicates all the Content which are not Content generated by the user.

All copyrights, trademarks, design rights, patents, and other intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered) on the WESPORTUS services and Content belong to WESPORTUS and/or to its partners or thirds applicable.

With regard to the relations between WESPORTUS and you, you have the property of the Content and information you submit or publish within the framework of the services and you grant to WESPORTUS the non-exclusive licence following: a worldwide licence, transferable and may give in the granting of a sub-license to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish and to treat the data and the Content which you provide via servicesourservices, without another authorization, notification and/or financial equalization towards you or other thirds. These rights are in the following way restricted:

You can cancel this licence for specific Content by removing these Content of the Services, or in general in closing your account,(I) except if within the framework as of Services you shared these Content with other people who copied it or stored, (II) subject to a reasonable delay nécessaire to eliminate it from the safeguard and other systems.

  1. We will not integrate your Content in advertisements for products and services ofthird without your specific authorization.However, we have the right to place advertisements near your data and Ccontents without we being held to pour you or to pour with thirds a financial equalization. In the same way, your comments can be visible.
  2. Nous will ask you your agreement if we wish to give to third the right to publish your messages out of Service. However, other members and/or visitors can access your contents and your data and them to share, in accordance to your preferences and your level of relation with those.
  3. It may happen that we change your contents or its page layout (for example by translating it, by modifying its size, its provision or the type of file, by removing meta data), we will not change the direction of your expression.
  4. As your Content and your information belong to you and that we have only non-exclusive rights, you can choose to make them available to others.
    You agree that we may access, store, useany information which you have provided and in accordance with your privacy preferences.
    By submitting suggestions or feedback on theservices to WESPORTUS, you agree thatwe may use and share (without doing it obligatorily) this feedback for any purpose and without offering you financial compensation.

You agree to provide only information and Content within the law or the rights of others (for example not infringing intellectual property rights or not derogating from a contractual obligation). In the same way, you guarantee the veracity of information of your profile. Pursuant to the law of certain countries, WESPORTUS may be obliged to withdraw content and informations.

3.2. The licensing of WESPORTUS to the users

You acknowledge and agree that the Services, any necessary software used in connection with the services (if applicable), and the WESPORTUS Content, contain exclusive and confidential information which is protected by the intellectual property and other laws inforce. We grant you a licence and a limited  right, revocable, personal, not-transferable and non-exclusive to access the services and  WESPORTUS Content and to use them, provided you do not (and that you not allow thirds) copy, modify, create derived works, perform reverse engineering, sell, assign, sublicense, grant any real security, or otherwise transfer any right in the WESPORTUS Content or services that whatsoever. This license is subject to Conditions, including the basic principles to ensure that users comply friendly use our services  and the following:

  WESPORTUS Content : except as expressly permitted by law or by WESPORTUS, you agree to refrain modify, rent, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on the services, the services software , or WESPORTUS content proposed in the context of services (other than the content generated by the user), fully or partially. Please, refrain from downloading, copying, or save WESPORTUS Content , except (i) to the extent expressly permitted by the functionality of some as provided services in the special instructions and / or additional conditions applicable to such services or (ii) solely for your personal use or records.

  Commercial use of the services. services, except for some products and services provided through  WESPORTUS trademark applications and some widgets that we provide as tools for website owners (collectively, “Commercial Tools”), are limited to your personal and non commercial use. You may not use the services (except some Commercial Tools) to sale a product or a service, to increase the traffic toone your own website or of a third, in particular the sale of publicity, or generate incomes. For example, you can not take the results of a research of the services to altert hem and display them, or copy our home page or our pages of results on yourwebsite. You are not allowed to practise “méta-search” on our services. If you are looking to make commercial use of the services other than through Commercial Tools, you must first enter into a contract with us. By using any of the Commercial Tools, you acknowledge and accept the Conditions and all the additional provisions applicable to these particular services.

  Link to the services. If you wish to proposes a link towards our services on your website or your application, please comply with the following rules: (I) any link to the services must be a link of text only, which clearly identify “WESPORTUS” (without the use of any other trademarkbrandname, logo, copyright or any other element of intellectual property held or controlled by WESPORTUS) or under another format advised by WESPORTUS, (II) the aspect, the position and all other aspects of the link should not ramming or dilute the value associated with our brands, (III) the link must “point” to the root of of the services domain and not to other pages on the services, (iv) the appearance, the position and other link attributes must not create the misleading impression that your organization however entity is sponsored by, or is affiliated or associated with WESPORTUS, (v) ounce activated, the link must display the services in full screen and not within has“framework” one the website or the application which contains the link, and (vi) WESPORTUS reserves the right to constantly revoke its assent with the link and its whole discretion, and one notification of our revocation of the assent, you made yourselves promptly removing the link in question of your website or application.

  Confusion or impersonation. You agree not to impersonate a person or entity, and/or not to claim misleadingly affiliation with any person or entity.

  Disturbance, exploitation or misuse of the resources. You agree to refrain from disturbing or damaging the operation of the services, including unauthorized use, disturbance, automated  attacks, exploitation or the diversion ofour resources.

  Automated queries. You made yourselves abstaining from sending automated queries of any nature whatsoever to the systems and networks that we uses to provide the services without our express written permission.

  Illegal use. You can use the WESPORTUS Content and services only for reasons authorized by the law. You can not use the services, Content of WESPORTUS or other information displayed or provisions on services the services to stalk, harass, harm, defame, threaten or defraud someone.
3.3. Accessibility of the services

We maytomodify, suspend or terminate all the services, or to change at our discretion.To the extent permitted by law, these changes will take effect once you have been notified.
WESPORTUS is not a storage service. You agree that no obligation to store, maintain or provide a copy of the data and content that you or others have passed it up to us, except to the extent that applicable law requires.

3.4. Other sites, contents and applications

During your use of the services, you may be faced with inaccurate information or content, partial, delayed, misleading, illegal, offensive or damaging elsewhere. In a general way, WESPORTUS does not read again the contents published byits members. You agree that we are notresponsible for information and the contents of thirds (including other members) and that we do not assume any responsibility for the damages incurred due to the use or the trust that you have granted to them.
The decision to access the applications or sitesof thirds connected to our services and to usethem is your responsability. If you allow an application or a third-party website to authenticate you or connect you through your account WESPORTUS, this website or this application will be able to reach your information and those of your contacts on WESPORTUS. As applications and third-party websites have their own Privacy policy and Conditions of use, you may need to give them the authorization to use your information in a way different fromours. Except in the restricted cases where the applicable law requires it, WESPORTUS is not responsible for these other sites and applications. You use them at your own .

3.5. Restrictions

WESPORTUS reserves the right to limit your use of the services, including the number of your relationships and your ability to contact other members. WESPORTUS reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your account if we believe that you violate this agreement or the law or your use of the services is abusive (for example if you violate therules of the “Do’s and do not do”). WESPORTUS reserves all of its intellectual property related services. Thus, WESPORTUS, and all other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used connection with WESPORTUS are registered trademarks or trademarks of WESPORTUS. Other brands and logos used in connection with the services may belong toother thirds.

4.1. No Warranty
To the extent permitted by the law, WESPORTUS (and anyone who collaborates WESPORTUS to provide services) (i) disclaims any warranties or representations (eg warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of data accuracy and non-infringement); (ii) does not guarantee that the services will function without interruption and being the object oferror, and (iii) provides the Service (including the contents and information) “in the state” and “such as available”.
As certain liability  exclusions are not permitted by the law, it is possible that these exclusions or some of them do apply.

4.2. Disclaimer

Restrictions on our legal liability towards you. To the extent permitted by the law (and unless WESPORTUS has entered into a separate agreement superseding this Agreement), WESPORTUS (and anyone with which WESPORTUS collaborates to provide servicestheservices) assumes no liability to you or others for any special, incidental, indirect, punitive or consequential damages orfor any loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits or incomes related to the services (eg defamatory or offensive statements, one duration of interruption or aloss, the use or modification of your contentsor your information).

This limitation of liability is part of the basis for negotiations between you and  and WESPORTUS and applies to all the compensation claims (eg warranty, liability, negligence, contract law), including whether WESPORTUS has been advised of ofthe possibility of such a damages, and even the action for damages not fulfill their ultimate purpose.
Some laws do not allow limitations or exclusions of liability, therefore, these restrictions may not be enforceable against you.

  1. TerminationThis Agreement may be terminated at any time by each party by giving notice period to the other party. Upon Entry into force of a termination, you lose the right of access or use of services. The following provisions survive the Entry into force of the termination:

  our rights relating to the use and thedisclosure of your feedback;

  the rights of the members and/or the visitors to share information and the cthat you posted as part of the service to the extent that they have been copied and shared prior to termination;

  articles 4. 6 and 7 of the Agreement;

  Any amount owed by either party prior to termination remains due after termination the cancellation.

Please visit our Help Center to learn how to close your account WESPORTUS.

6. Dispute Resolution

You agree that the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with the exception of its rules on conflicts of law, exclusively govern any dispute concerning the Agreement and / or services.

7. General Conditions

If a court having jurisdiction over this Agreement decides that one or more clauses are not enforceable, you and WESPORTUS agree that this jurisdiction modifies them while preserving their purpose. If the court is not able to do it, you and we agree to ask the court to remove this unenforceable part and implement the remainder of this Agreement. To the extent permitted by law, the English version ofthis Agreement is mandatory while the other translations are provided only for whatever purpose it may serve. This Agreement (includingall other conditions which we could submit toyou if you were using a feature services) is the only agreement between us regarding the services and supersedes all previous contracts for services.
If we omit to act following a violation of this Agreement, that does not mean that WESPORTUS waives its rights pursuant to the present Agreement. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement (or youradhesion with the services or their use) towhoever without our consent. However, you agree that this Agreement gives WESPORTUS its affiliates or to a purchaser without your consent. This Agreement contains no stipulation for others.
We reserve the right to modify the Conditions of this Agreement and we will notify you if this is the case. We agree that the changes can not be retroactive. If you disagree with these changes, you must stop using the services.
You agree that the addresses mentioned in article 10 are the only means of forwarding to us a legal notification.

  1. “do’s and don’ts” for the of Members of WESPORTUS

8.1. To do. You agree:

  comply with all applicable laws, including, without limitation, the laws on protection of privacy, laws relating to intellectual property rights, laws related to unsolicited emails, the laws on the control of exports, tax laws and regulatory requirements;

  provide accurate information and to update them;

  use your real name on your profile;

  use the services in a professional manner.

8.2. Not to do. You agree not:

  to act dishonestly or unprofessional, including the publication inappropriate, inaccurate or objectionable;·

  to add inaccurate contents or which are not intended to be in an indicated field (p.ex by seizing a phone number in the “title” field or any other field or inserting phone numbers, e-mails, postal addresses or any identifiable personal data for which WESPORTUS does not provide a field);

  to use a profile photo that does not look like you or a close-up photo;

  to create a false identity on WESPORTUS;

  to misrepresent your performances, your scores, skills, official and semi-official results, previous diplomas and previous or current positions;

  to distort your affiliation with a person or anentity in the past or at present;

  to denature your identity, including but not limited to, use a pseudonym;

  to create a profile of member for whoever other that yourself (a real person);

  to use or attempt to use the account of another person;

  to badger, criticize another person or to harm to him/her;

  to send spam or other unsolicited communications to the other members;

  to copy or carry out Web scraping profiles anddata of others by any means (in particular of the robots of indexing, the external andadditional modules of navigation and any othertechnology or any physical work);

  to act in a way illicit, defamatory, abusive,obscene, discriminatory or in a any other reprehensible way;

  to disclose information which you do not havethe right to communicate (such as data on personal matter of other people, including your employer);

  to violate the intellectual property rights ofothers, in particular relating to the commercial patents, brands, secrecies, copyright or anyother property right;

  to violate the intellectual property rights orother rights of WESPORTUS, including, without limitation, the use of word“WESPORTUS” or our logos in any trade name, e-mail or web addresses;

  to publish any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, “junk mail,” “spam,” “ettersofchain letters”, “pyramidal sale,” or any other form solicitationofrequest that WESPORTUS does not authorize;

  to send messages to lists of distribution, aliasof newsgroup or discussion group;

  to publish anything which contains viruses, worms or any other malicious code;

  to handle logins to dissimulate the origin ofany publication or any message transmitted via the services;

  to create profiles or to provide contents thatswhichpromote services of escort-girl, or of prostitution;

  to create or operate a pyramid scheme or fraud or other similar practice;

  to copy or use the information, content or data of others available on services (except as expressly permitted);

  to copy or use information, contents or fdataon WESPORTUS in relation to a competitor service (as determined by WESPORTUS);

  to copy, modify or create works derived fromthe services of WESPORTUS or any otherrelated technology (except in the casesexpressly authorized by WESPORTUS);

  to make reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or generally attempt to obtain the source code of the services or related technology, or any part thereof;

  to imply or declare that you are affiliated orsponsored by WESPORTUS without ourexpress consent (eg to make you pass for anapproved trainer of WESPORTUS);

  to rent, lease, loan, sell / resell access to services or information or related data;

  to sell, sponsor or generally monetize WESPORTUS groups or any other feature of services without the consent of WESPORTUS;

  to create major links to our servicesservicesat any end other than to promote your profileor a group of WESPORTUS;

  to remove any copyright, trademarks or othernotifications of property rights appearing on or in our services;

  to delete, hide or obscure any advertisements included in the services;

  to collect, use, copy or transfer anyinformation obtained from WESPORTUS without its consent;

  to share or disclose the information of others peoplewithout their express consent;

  to use software, devices, coding manual robotsofcoding or automated or other means to access, “decompose” “analyze” or “index” services or any data or related information;

  to use computer bots or other automated means to access the services, add or download contacts, send or redirect messages;

  to monitor the availability, the performance or the functionality of the services for competitive purposes;

  to use the technique of the “framing” “put out of mirror” or generally to simulate theappearance or the operation of the services;

  to access services other than through explicitly offered by WESPORTUS interfaces, including its applications mobiles.com;

  to circumvent any security feature services;

  to disturb the operation of the services or to impose a disproportionate load on those (p.ex spam, denial of service attack,virus, algorithm of game); and/or

  to contravene the Directives of the community of WESPORTUS.

  1. Complaints relating to the contentsWe respect the intellectual property rights ofothers. We require that the members publish accurate information that does not infringe the intellectual property rights of thirds. We have a policy and a complaint procedure regarding the contents published by our members.10. How to contact usIf you wish to forward to us of the notifications and the legal procedure procedural documents,please contact us:
    Online at: contact@wsu.lu


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